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The Sims 3 - Simulate your life

Games The Sims 3 from Electronic Arts will use the system anti-piracy software is more than the previous Maxis game, Spore. The Sims 3 will use the system as a serial number that is used The Sims 2.

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HAWX - It`s time to be Fighter Pilot

After waiting several months, eventually DVD's HAWX game developer Ubisoft game already can be found in the shops - the nearest game store. Simply fill in our game this surgery. The main game is the story campaign mode for single player and cooperative and via Xbox Live for multiplayer mode will support the game mode
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RF - Prepare your battle!!

Rising Force Online (RF Online) is an online game that is not strange in the ears gamer Indonesia, a game about combat between the three races this stage to enter the newest, RF Online: Legend Of Elven.
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Assasin Creed 2

After the suspect-guessing about the instructions given by Ubisoft,has now found a few facts about the world or a game system in Assassin Creed 2. This is some of the changes brought by Assassin Creed 2,as quoted GIGIHPW from screwattack,Thursday (23/4/2009)
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