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- GeCube HD 4850 - Feel Different

GeCube Graphic Card from the one that came with the contents of this package sales,which are relatively standard.With equipment such as book Manual,Driver CD,DVI converter,HDMI Converter,Crossfire and bridge equipment that is dipaket sales with this graphics card.Although the equipment be calculated given the standard,but features promised by this graphics card is quite arouse.
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- PixelView geForce 9600 GT - Graphic Card to Multimedia

Although the graphics card is not equipped with a bonus, but the graphics card is able to bring your game to the world of film and more comfortable for the consumption of the eye. View from the combination of chipset Nvidia
9600 GT with 1 GB of memory, graphics card capable of handling this game with a resolution of 1200 x 1024 with both.
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- FOXCONN Black-Ops - Overclocking?No problem!

Foxconn as the largest OEM manufacturer of motherboards,this time trying to strengthen itself with the name Foxconn issued Foxconn Black-Ops.Black-Ops is a product of the Quantum-Force segments of the market targeting the overclocking and gaming.As known, the motherboard Quantum-Force Foxconn Mars is the first supported
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