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How to get Rapidshare premium Account

Rapidshare.com already known by Netter in the world. This File hosting has become the main destination if the netter want to find or download some file in internet,such as Music,Movie,Software,Keys,Serial Number,Magazine,Password site,Script Engine,etc..

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The Different of vector and Bitmap

As a Graphic designer ,We have to know the basic file extention of a picture.Usually a Graphic Designer only use 2 file extentions that is vector and bitmap.The difference of Vector and Bitmap is from The quality of the pictures.Vector most used to make a logo design,clip art,or any design with less visual effect.Another case with vector,Bitmap even used to make some design with fully visual effect.And it make look Colourful.But,you will can`t make some big resolutions with Bitmap.The picture will be broke when it enlarged.So,Be wise when you make a design.

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Free Download Professional Software


Of course you already know some type of software,including freeware and shareware.Freeware is software that you can use the"free"without aliases free of charge.Meanwhile,shareware is software that you use if you have to pay a license fee.Among the two types of software usually the most sought is a freeware.The reason is obvious,because the free

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+ Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 Keys Update - 28 April 2009

Ziddu - Make money for share and upload file

What is Ziddu?Ziddu is where we upload the files that we will share with the other people(meaning people can download the file that we uploaded earlier).What advantage of Ziddu to us?
1. 100% free
2. Unlimited disk space(you can upload files as much as possible)

3. we get $ 0001 for each unique download the file that we upload.
Accordance with the Ziddu Says Upload ->> Share ->> Earn,means if you want us to upload our files we are sharing the file and then us and if you download the file and we will get the money.
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Twitter been hack by 3 worms

Three different worm successfully infected Twitter .Michael Mooney,the creator of the Twitter Copycat site is still aged 17 years old,have been admitted on the worm's attack."Approximately at 2 am local time,on Saturday,the four Twitter account has been created and the worm started spreading on Twitter.Start hours 7:30 am until 11 am local time, our security team works to eliminate vector worm.And the result,as many as 90 accounts have been infected.We successfully identify and secure theTwitter account is,"says Biz Stone (co-founder Twitter).

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